[Operators] Server Software Choice

Daniel E. Renfer duck at kronkltd.net
Tue Apr 28 08:13:35 CDT 2009

Brian Cully <bcully at gmail.com> writes:

> On 24-Apr-2009, at 00:39, Nickola Kolev wrote:
> 	Gonna have to disagree with both points here. I like the config
> syntax, since it's just erlang. I can put emacs into erlang mode and
> get all my normal tools for dealing with syntax errors. You'll have a
> much harder time with some custom format if you make a syntax error.
> 	Also, debugging and fixing ejabberd is about as simple as it can
> get, assuming you know erlang already. You can attach to running nodes
> and  interactively debug and do hot code loads for fixes. You cannot
> do  that with any of the other implementations that I know of and it
> comes  in extremely handy sometimes.
> 	I'm not ejabberd's biggest fan (as some of you from the ejabberd
> list probably already know), but its features and hackability put it
> in a  class by itself.
> -bjc

This was the reason I chose OpenFire when I was trying to make  my
choice of servers. I didn't know Erlang, but I did know Java. I figured
if something *did* break, or I wanted to change something, I would be
better off with the language I knew, versus one, at the time, I had
never heard of.

Daniel E. Renfer

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