[Operators] Server Software Choice

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Tue Apr 28 08:45:33 CDT 2009

Daniel E. Renfer wrote:
> Brian Cully <bcully at gmail.com> writes:
>> On 24-Apr-2009, at 00:39, Nickola Kolev wrote:
>> 	Gonna have to disagree with both points here. I like the config
>> syntax, since it's just erlang. I can put emacs into erlang mode and
>> get all my normal tools for dealing with syntax errors. You'll have a
>> much harder time with some custom format if you make a syntax error.
>> 	Also, debugging and fixing ejabberd is about as simple as it can
>> get, assuming you know erlang already. You can attach to running nodes
>> and  interactively debug and do hot code loads for fixes. You cannot
>> do  that with any of the other implementations that I know of and it
>> comes  in extremely handy sometimes.
>> 	I'm not ejabberd's biggest fan (as some of you from the ejabberd
>> list probably already know), but its features and hackability put it
>> in a  class by itself.
>> -bjc
> This was the reason I chose OpenFire when I was trying to make  my
> choice of servers. I didn't know Erlang, but I did know Java. I figured
> if something *did* break, or I wanted to change something, I would be
> better off with the language I knew, versus one, at the time, I had
> never heard of.

Choice of language doesn't matter much to me, since hackability has more 
to do with the design of the code than the choice of language.

We chose ejabberd over openfire for the following distinguishing features:
- support for clustering
- support for multiple domains
- support for custom authentication (external auth script)


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