[Operators] Operators Digest, Vol 19, Issue 5

Azmar aszmar at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 06:13:13 CDT 2009

On 9/9/09 2:04 AM, Florian Thie?en wrote:
> Hi,
> please see my following notes as pointers as I'm not in the position to
> judge whether your service is being added or not.

Thanks, Florian! :)

> 1) It seems you haven't set up SRV records yet

This is nice but not necessary.

> 2) Your website is as you mention still under construction

That's a bigger problem.

> 3) Your CA is self-signed

That's a really big problem. We accept only services that are
TLS-protected using CA-issued certificates. You can get free certs at
https://xmpp.net/ so there is no excuse for self-signed certs...

Thanks for your comments, I will send another request when the site will be
complete, and i'll get a certificate.
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