[Operators] Services list maintainance

Ben Zimmer ben at einfachjabber.de
Fri Apr 8 09:22:50 UTC 2011

I sense some motion here :)

I'd say let's wait until monday, there seems to be something coming to
convert the XML-List:

I think based on that and Mati's 'xmpp_server_scanner.py' something
automagical could be put in place to speed up purging
no-longer-existing servers from the list and adding the new
applications from the ML.

Time for some future-suggestions for after the clean-up :)

* the server-list could be "pimped" a bit with something like status
of the server (perhaps checked once a day), nothing too extensive
though, and I think a touch by a designers hand would also be a nice
addition to make the list something even beginners could make use of,
to find a domain-name that suits them well
* applications to the list could be automatted by providing a form
where applicants fill in their server-information, this info could be
checked by something like Mati's server-scanner and the result mailed
to the list maintainer, depending on the result her could make the
entry public, or deny the request with an according message
* both previous suggestions could be combined into a little web-app

Surely there's room for more suggestions and improvements to the ones I made.

Ben [einfachjabber.de | ben at einfachjabber.de]

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 22:47, naw <lambda512 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Miércoles 06 Abril 2011 14:39:31 Swen Lux escribió:
>> Hi,
>> I absolutely sypathize with Ben's view. This list is a top 5 hit on
>> google and should
>> reflect an up to date server listing without dead services or websites.
> Look at http://www.jabberes.org/servers/servers_by_uptime.html
> And check those at the bottom of the list.

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