[Operators] Looking for full xml list / app idea

Ben Zimmer ben at einfachjabber.de
Fri Apr 22 12:49:38 UTC 2011


is there a full server xml-list available?
The one that was linked to from the old services-site has some columns
lacking (like country, CA) while the table available on the
wordpressy-site has those columns but is lacking others in change.

To explain my question: I'd like to set up some kind of app to manage
the list more easily (the table-management tool in wordpress is kind
of confusing), and produce differently formatted list representations
for use on the page as table or as a list in xml and json format. It
could also automatize things like sending out emails to the
postmaster,admin,etc at example.com-addresses for verification,
SRV-record checking, doing regular checks on the servers to rule out
the non-working ones.

Another suggestion (could also be integrated to above mentioned app)
would be to set up a form for server-admins to register their server,
as that would put the requests into a consistent format for us to
process. This could already be done now in wordpress and still be sent
as email to the operators list.

I'd like to hear some feedback and suggestions on the "app-idea". To
be honest I was a bit bored last weekend and already set up a basic
app that can import the old services-full.xml into a sql-database and
can receive new registrations by form-submission. If there is interest
I'd be willing to polish it up a bit so you can have a look.

Have a nice easter weekend!
Ben [einfachjabber.de | ben at einfachjabber.de]

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