[Operators] Fwd: Looking for full xml list / app idea

Ben Zimmer ben at einfachjabber.de
Wed Apr 27 17:27:37 UTC 2011

>> Agreed, but more important is the lack of the CA-field in the
>> xml-list, as that would be required for the automatic checks
>> (SSL-capability) to work. Perhaps we could merge the xml-file and the
>> html-table data, to get a complete list to use.
> That is the goal.
> I thought we had the CA data in the old XML file (at least it is in
> source.xml), but once we figure out how to auto-generate the XML file
> from the WordPress table (or vice-versa) then we'll have the data you
> need for automatic checking.

I adapted the script I used to get parse the xml-data to also parse
the HTML-table on http://xmpp.org/resources/public-services/ and merge
the two sources together. Was easier than I expected (if you ever need
to parse HTML, the BeautifulSoup python library is your friend ;).

I also worked a bit on my app-idea and would like to show you some
basics. I put it up under


at the moment its pretty unpolished, so please use the URLs below to
see some functionality :)

http://xmpp-services.einfachjabber.de/register # as a server admin you
can register your server here
http://xmpp-services.einfachjabber.de/services-full.xml   # this is
same list that was available at the old site, but this one is produced
dynamically from the database
http://xmpp-services.einfachjabber.de/admin  # username/pw is
xmpp/xmpplist ; here you have the backend for managing the list,
servers can already be edited (deleting doesn't work yet ;)
http://xmpp-services.einfachjabber.de/admin/new # add a new server to the list

The database-content is the old services-full.xml merged with the
HTML-table from the current site.
Its not very good-looking, but I think you see where this is going :)

Next steps will be outputting the list as HTML-table (for humans), and
perhaps json-version. A question would be if there should be more than
one version of a list, one with just some columns and another with all
of them, or something like that?! As its all coming from a database
combinations are endless :)

Just as a little disclaimer: Everything under
http://xmpp-services.einfachjabber.de is under heavy development, so
please be forgiving if something doesn't work as expected.

Ben [einfachjabber.de | ben at einfachjabber.de]

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