[Operators] Please *remove* jabber.fsinf.at

Mathias Ertl mati at fsinf.at
Sun Aug 28 20:09:40 UTC 2011


Please *remove* jabber.fsinf.at from the list at 

The service will stop accepting public registrations in a few days[1] and thus 
is no longer suitable for that list. If - whoever is responsible for this 
right now - is in doubt of my permission to do this, please contact me per 
XMPP or simply verify that the original request to add the service (on this 
list, April 15, 2009) was signed with the same GPG key.

greetings, Mati

[1] http://jabber.fsinf.at/en/node/146

me on twitter: @mathiasertl | soup: http://soup.er.tl
I only read plain-text mail!  I prefer signed/encrypted mail!
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