[Operators] Drupal registration extension

Mathias Ertl mati at fsinf.at
Sun Dec 11 18:52:07 UTC 2011


I thought I'd let you know that I've written a Drupal module to register 
Jabber accounts. You can find a demonstration here:
If you use Drupal on your Jabber servers homepage and are interested in 
providing registration via your homepage, please read on ;-)

You can find the git-repository that hosts the module here:

The module uses the ejabberd XMLRPC interface but could easily be extended to 
also support other ways of connecting to any jabber server. I'd be happy to 
accept patches to integrate that into the main extension.  If you need help 
(or have ideas for improvement), please feel free to email me.

greetings, Mati

PS: The CAPTCHA is not provided by the extension itself, but by the reCAPTCHA 

me on twitter: @mathiasertl | soup: http://soup.er.tl
I only read plain-text mail!  I prefer signed/encrypted mail!
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