[Operators] public XMPP service: jabberheaven.eu, is-the-shit.com, openjabber.de

Marcel marcel at rkquery.de
Fri Jun 17 15:06:16 UTC 2011

Hi, my Server is on our List since some Weeks. But is it near the end of
the list, no services.
What can i do that my server will be scanned?

Am 16.06.2011 18:46, schrieb naw:
> On Jueves 16 Junio 2011 16:13:18 Swen Lux escribió:
>> oops, sorry, wrong subject!  Will this also added to jabberes.org?
> Hi, I'm the dev of the jabberes list.
> All those servers that are in the XML list of xmpp.org appear on the jabberes.org list. And for those that haven't been added yet to the xmpp.org list, I add them[1] to a local list that is also used to create the list.
> [1] Yes, I haven't updated the list since April, shame on me. The list should be updated in some hours.

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