[Operators] Let's start some witch-hunt

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Mon Jun 20 10:17:13 UTC 2011

Dnia 2010-06-21, pon o godzinie 14:49 +1200, Daniel Lawson pisze:
> I'm not 100% familiar with US phone numbers, but I'm pretty sure
> (based on some messages I've intercepted) that the first two numbers
> are phone numbers.
> One of the messages we have observed (undelivered messages in
> ejabberd's spool table) had this as the content:
> "if you wanna chat call me on xxx-xxx xxxx"  (where that number
> matches the first number in the body) 

I bet it's one of these "free SMS" applications for Android.
(Using Smack suggests Android)
"Use this app, and you won't have to pay for SMS"

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