[Operators] Fwd: Looking for full xml list / app idea

Ben Zimmer ben at einfachjabber.de
Sun May 15 20:33:29 UTC 2011


just wanted to report some progress :)

I made some feature-additions:

* some validations are made when the registration-form is posted:
  * general availability
  * SRV records
  * StartTLS support and certificate validity (currently just cacert
produces right results, but adding others isn't a problem)
  * an email, which includes a validation link is sent to
(admin|postmaster|root)@[domain.tld]; once the admin clicks that link,
the server email-validation is marked green in the database
* some improvements on the backend side:
  * verification of a server can be triggered manually
  * verification errors are added to the backend table (like "SRV
records not available", or "certificate not valid")
  * servers can be approved/disapproved with one click only

Some "design-work" was also done...but not too much.

Things that are still tbd are:
* legacy SSL check
* perhaps a little helper for registrants to get location-data (lat/long)
* adding links to the "domain", "server-software" and "ca" columns in
front- and backend
* function to check all servers at once (for weekly check e.g.)
* ui improvements for the backend table and edit-form
* make StartTLS check more reliable (by adding more ca-certs)

Some ideas for integration into the current site:
* if the app cannot be hosted on the same server:
  * the table could be fetched by some javascript-magic or some
cronjob from the app
  * alternative would be exporting the data in a format that the
wordpress-table plugin understands and importing that manually
  * registration-form could be done in wordpress and submits to to the app

If someone could comment on the possibility of getting the app hosted
at xmpp.org-facilities, here are the requirements:
* python 2.6
* atm. about 30MB disk-space
* ~30MB RAM on my own server
* SQL-DB would be optional, as I think SQLite should be enough for the
small dataset that is used

If it's not possible I'd be happy to provide hosting on my server
(free-of-charge of course).

URLs and username/password are the same mentioned in the previous
email. The data shown there is still for testing purposes only, so
feel free to click and play arround.

Have a good weekstart tomorrow!
Ben [einfachjabber.de | ben at einfachjabber.de]

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