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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Aug 21 16:47:04 UTC 2012

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On 7/27/11 8:45 AM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> A program that enables you to cheat at DarkOrbit ("The ultimate
> Browser Game space adventure") has established itself on the XMPP
> network. In essence, you pay for a license and then you are able to
> "chat" over IM to obtain real-time instructions about how to cheat
> in the DarkOrbit game. Originally this bot had a JID at jabber.org.
> I disabled the account at jabber.org because it had a very large
> buddy list and because I don't like cheaters. It then moved to
> wippien.com. I told the Wippien admins and they shut down the bot.
> The bot then moved to jabber.ru. It has gone through several JIDs
> at jabber.ru (e.g., kbot499 at jabber.ru, kbotik at jabber.ru) but still
> resides at that domain. I have seen many users at jabber.org who
> have this bot in their rosters (these cheaters often seem to forget
> their passwords), so other server admins might want to be aware
> that such users are becoming quite common. I contacted the creators
> of the DarkOrbit game in early March but did not receive a reply
> from them. If you play that game or have a way to contact the 
> creators, please ping me off-list.

By the way, an attack against this bot's users appears to be the cause
of the DDoS launched against jabber.org on August 4 and renewed again
early this morning (they are attacking jabber.org because the KBot
cheating service tells its users to register XMPP accounts at jabber.org):


The jabber.org admins are taking protective measures.


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