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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Feb 23 16:39:44 UTC 2012

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On 2/23/12 7:50 AM, Juan Pablo Carlino wrote:
> Hello,
> during the last three months i've experienced an intermittent
> problem to federate with google.com <http://google.com>. Actually
> this is a common problem if you browse the web in search for this
> issue -there are several old threads reporting the same, until some
> magic happens on Google side and everything goes back to the
> expected behaviour-. But this time, the strange thing is that some
> of the virtual hosts i manage on my ejabberd 2.1 server can
> federate fine, while others don't. Moreover, these domains with
> problems later can do s2s fine with Google, without any change on
> my side. The symptom is always the same: during s2s handshake the
> outgoing connection from my server closes by timeout waiting for a
> reply from Google on the wait_for_validation state. But i don't see
> why some domains remain unaffected while others don't. If anybody
> is experiencing the same issue i would be glad to know about it.

We experience similar issues at jabber.org -- although for us, we
often have a one-way connection, or we can't see presence but messages
go through fine. I've contacted the Google Talk team about this but
have not yet received a reply.


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