[Operators] public XMPP service: forumanalogue.fr

Paul Staroch paulchen at rueckgr.at
Wed May 23 11:18:08 UTC 2012


Am 2012-05-23 13:04, schrieb Clément Février:
> I'm wondering when the server will appear in the list at xmpp.net ?

I assume that this is not going to happen. Although Peter Saint-Andre
repeatedly promised to update the list, nothing has happened. My server
jabber.rueckgr.at that went online in early 2010 still is the last
server that has ever been added to the list. That means more than two
years of the public service list not being maintained.

Frankly, I simply don't know what the problem is. In my opinion,
verifying the services isn't that much work. If Peter doesn't have the
time to care for the list, he should delegate this task to someone else.
Every now and then, someone offers his/her help on this list. However,
Peter doesn't seem to be interested.

The list currently lacks a lot of new servers and includes services that
are not available for free registration anymore. Hence, this situation
casts a really bad light on the work of XSF.


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