[Operators] Future of XMPP Re: The Google issue

Andreas Kuckartz a.kuckartz at ping.de
Sun Dec 1 11:34:35 UTC 2013

Philipp Hancke:
> Am 28.11.2013 10:16, schrieb Andreas Kuckartz:
>> If it turns out that not even the rather limited requirements regarding
>> encryption which are stated in the manifesto will be satisfied by a
>> significant subset of XMPP servers then it well seal the fate of XMPP as
>> far as I am concerned.
>> And if the future of XMPP depends on Google Talk then XMPP is doomed
>> anyway.
> s/XMPP/the Jabber network/, i.e. the idea of an open, decentralized chat
> network.

I would not go that far. The "idea of an open, decentralized chat
network" does not depend on either Google Talk or XMPP. It could be that
secure decentralized alternatives are arising outside the Jabber
universe (and this is not only about chat).

(Maybe XMPP 2.0 ;-)


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