[Operators] Spammy invites

Thomas Camaran camaran at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 15:42:48 UTC 2013

hi, with chatme.im all ok?

2013/2/13 aszlig <aszlig at redmoonstudios.org>

> On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 09:48:59AM +0100, Per Gustafsson wrote:
> > I work with Google's chat service, and we are seeing lots of spammy
> invites
> > from users on various federated domains, including jabberes.org,
> jabber.se,
> > jabber-hosting.com and jabber.org. Have you noted an elevated amount of
> > sccount creation etc., and is there anything you can do about it in that
> > case, otherwise we will have to institute very tight limits of invites
> per
> > day being sent from federated domains.
> Here I've got the same problems as well (aszlig.net, headcounter.org,
> no-icq.org, noicq.org - not yet listed at xmpp.net since the rework) and
> i'm going to disable new registrations as soon as the load is low
> enough. The main target of these massive spammy subscribes is gmail.com
> and it's quite hard to track them down without "accidentally" locking
> out real users.
> My second step would be to reenable registrations and only allow
> verified users to use S2S. But I'm not sure about how to do this for
> every single user (maybe some kind of WoT within the local network?).
> So, any idea about how to mitigate this without forcing too much
> restrictions on real users (like for example I'd want to avoid
> captchas)?
> a!
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> aszlig
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