[Operators] Update neko.im pubic service data

Nulani t'Acraya nulani at nulani.net
Fri May 24 11:02:37 UTC 2013

Information needs to be updated as follows:

domain: [neko.im]
website: [http://www.neko.im]
year launched: [2008]
country: [Norway]
latitude: [58.85512]
longitude: [5.771148]
CA: [StartSSL]
server software: [Prosody]
admin name: [Nulani t'Acraya]
admin JID: [nulani at neko.im]
description: [A free public XMPP Server running Prosody, located in
Sandnes, Norway]

Been a couple of years since I switched to Prosody.

Registrations are currently handled manually. Been getting a couple of
requests from people migrating away from Google (Hurrah).


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