[Operators] S2S problems

Aryo Sandiyudo asandiyudo at mayplaces.com
Thu Sep 19 18:31:18 UTC 2013

Hi Thijs,

Thanks for the explanation, and yes please re run it :)

Just an idea: is it possible with this kind of a scoring tools there is also features called a "suggestions" what fix that admin should change/add to their server based on their XMPP/OS server type. I'm sure it would be great :)

Aryo S.

On Sep 20, 2013, Thijs Alkemade <thijs at xnyhps.nl> wrote:

>Hi Aryo,
>The first list are the c2s results, the second one is for s2s.
>If I remember correctly, mayplaces.com failed for c2s because at the
>time there were two SRV records for it, one with port 5222 and one with
>5223. It tried connecting to port 5223 with STARTTLS instead of legacy
>SSL, which failed, and I could not be bothered to try to force a
>connect host and port.
>The xmpp-client SRV record looks correct now, do you want me to rerun
>the test?
>On 19 sep. 2013, at 17:11, Aryo Sandiyudo wrote:
>> Anyone got an idea why i can't find mayplaces.com on
>https://xnyhps.nl/~thijs/xmppoke/2013-08-26/scores.html ?
>> but instead i found it on
>> What is the difference between the two lists of scores?
>> Best,
>> Aryo S.
>> http://mayplaces.com - It's not XMPP, it's MayPlaces
>> On Sep 19, 2013, Thomas Camaran <camaran at gmail.com> wrote:
>> you can try connect with me to admin at chatme.im my jabber account in
>my server?
>> 2013/9/19 Mathias Ertl <mati at fsinf.at>
>> On Sat, Sep 14, 2013 at 08:49:09PM +0700, Aryo Sandiyudo wrote:
>> > Interesting blog post, this will be a tremendous input for people
>> > manage a XMPP server, XMPP server developers and XMPP client
>> > Good job!
>> I also noted we're literally the only server enforcing s2s TLS
>> I hope this doesn't violate specs (otherwise the specs should be
>> jabber.at has been on TLS-only for years and apart from gmail.com
>> will end its federation anyway, AFAIR), there are no interop issues.
>I can
>> only encourage everyone to require TLS on all connections.
>> greetings, Mati
>> (jabber.at)
>> --
>> I only read plain text mail! I prefer pgp|gpg signed & encrypted
>> -- 
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