[Operators] Google status?

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Wed Aug 13 19:00:07 UTC 2014

On 12/08/14 14:59, Dave Cridland wrote:

>     This really appears to undermine the credibility of XMPP if a big
>     provider is allowing messages to silently disappear.
> Yes. A cynical person might suppose that by undermining a federated open
> standard, this would help draw people into using Google's own
> walled-garden proprietary product. A cynical person might also suggest
> that by making statements to journalists which talk about vaguely-worded
> problems with the federated open standard, and leaving a largely broken
> federation in place rather than actively shutting it down, this would
> help undermine it.

A cynical person could also make a counter-strike: display some warning
popup in the regular XMPP clients each time somebody tries to start a
new chat with a user @gmail.com and doesn't receive a response in 2
minutes.  "Warning: the person you have tried to contact uses gmail.com.
 It is possible that their account has been migrated to the Hangouts
platform and that Google has silently discarded chats you send them.
Please click here for a help page you can email to your contact to fix
their account."

> Good news: Every argument Google used against XMPP also applies to
> internet mail.
>     I noticed Google had created a Google+ profile for me, so I went to this
>     page:
>     https://plus.google.com/downgrade/
> Yes. However you'll find that most Google services now require you to
> have a profile in place. By way of example, while you can buy things on
> Google Play without a profile, you cannot review or rate them.

Maybe time for people to start documenting how to separate the Google
services, e.g. setting up a private account just for communication with
Google services and a separate public account for mail and XMPP (if not
just going to another provider completely until XMPP works again)

>     Should that make regular XMPP work again or does the other person have
>     to do the same thing too perhaps?
> It may or may not. It is entirely unclear, Google provide no
> documentation or advice that I'm aware of. Happy to be proven wrong, though.
> I am aware that signing in with an XMPP client is very different to
> using the web interface, and also the web interfaces in Google+ and
> Gmail are different in this respect too.

I don't know if the people I communicate with use an XMPP client or the
web interface or something.

In this case, I sent the downgrade link to the other person, they made
some change in their account and chat started working again.



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