[Operators] Google status?

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Wed Aug 13 19:30:25 UTC 2014

> A cynical person could also make a counter-strike: display some warning
> popup in the regular XMPP clients each time somebody tries to start a
> new chat with a user @gmail.com and doesn't receive a response in 2
> minutes.  "Warning: the person you have tried to contact uses gmail.com.
>   It is possible that their account has been migrated to the Hangouts
> platform and that Google has silently discarded chats you send them.
> Please click here for a help page you can email to your contact to fix
> their account."

Well, this logic can be refined. The broken resources start with 

Not sure why nobody at Google cares, but they didn't bother with 
activating TLS.

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