[Operators] Google status?

David Holl david at ad5ey.net
Wed Aug 13 19:34:07 UTC 2014

I like the idea of the server-side kludge, never mind that it is ugly to
implement such a special case.  But we can holy war some other time
about what's uglier Google's broken implementation, or the value in
raising awareness of the issues at hand...

Server-side Prosody plugin, anyone?  :-)  [Hey, it is just Lua...  "What
could possible go wrong?"  Either leave the plugin disabled by default
or enabled by default, but let the local sys-admin comment or uncomment
the relevant line in the config file if their opinion differs...]

Are there any better ideas for dealing with this user "experience" when
naively attempting to chat with a Google Hangouts user?

On 8/13/14, 3:24 PM, Jack L. Frost wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 09:00:07PM +0200, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> A cynical person could also make a counter-strike: display some warning
>> popup in the regular XMPP clients each time somebody tries to start a
>> new chat with a user @gmail.com and doesn't receive a response in 2
>> minutes.  "Warning: the person you have tried to contact uses gmail.com.
>>  It is possible that their account has been migrated to the Hangouts
>> platform and that Google has silently discarded chats you send them.
>> Please click here for a help page you can email to your contact to fix
>> their account."
> Equipping XMPP clients with special code to handle gmail accounts is an
> extremely ugly solution to the problem. Even doing that server-side is
> slightly better, really. But only slightly.

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