[Operators] Removing SSLv3 from ejabberd 2.1.x and 13.x

Justin Bull me at justinbull.ca
Tue Jan 7 01:16:02 UTC 2014


It has come to my attention that I should alert this list to an open
PR I have for ejabberd:


It's a simple PR targeting their 2.1.x branch (the version
jabber.ccc.de was running at the time the PR was authored) removing
SSLv3 as an available protocol.

Unfortunately, not only does it appear my patch will not be applied,
but they also reverted the commit that removes SSLv3 from their master
release line (13.x):


I'd appreciate your opinions and discussion on the open GitHub PR's

Thanks for your time and enjoy the new year.

Best Regards,
Justin Bull
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