[Operators] Spamming/Bots on XMPP

Arsimael Inshan ai at jhml.de
Mon Feb 9 21:48:23 UTC 2015

Hello everyone.

During the last days/weeks/month I have to deal with a shitloiad of 
bots, register account after account on my domains.
I watched this and found out a good solution: They all register random 
accounts with a 5-7 username like

xio5edx at DOMAIN.COM

And they come from these IP Addresses: 	web28.webfaction.com 	lumiere.etabeta.it 	vps.manchesterwebhosting.co.uk 	aurora.enn.lu 	enetcr08.securesites.net 	s9.freehost.com.ua 	main.ktc.lt 	1,94126E+11 	x-page.hu 	trgserver1.expressivetek.com 	fir.dreamhost.com 	www.px2online.com 	douhisi.pair.com 	server4shop.de 	kopr.nettle.cz 	host123-21-37-46.serverdedicati.aruba.it 	ip-50-63-152-96.ip.secureserver.net 	www2.astranet.ru 	cl02.gs01.gridserver.com 	server1.shoppinglistexpress.com 	ded1009-lin-162-9.netsonic.net 	122.smart-dns.net 	h1599023.stratoserver.net 	146-37-90-81.rt.cmo.de 	s16554760.onlinehome-server.info 	server5.4pc.eu 	ix-180.myrack.q-nic.de 	mail.brandcomm.pl 	535725ED.cm-6-8a.dynamic.ziggo.nl 	cm-staticIP-85-152-33-147.telecable.es 	dmbackup.stv.ee.241.196.85.in-addr.arpa 	webmail4.mbi-inc.com

I allready cleared this list from TOR exit nodes and random enduser 
connections, but these IP Addresses are the main part. I had nearly 15k 
registrations in the last month just from those addresses.
I allready wrote to the Admins of these domains/Servers, informing tham 
that there are bots on their servers.

Anyone else having problems with spammers lately?

A. Inshan

email: ai at jhml.de
web: https://www.it-native.de (german)
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