[Operators] Is the "Public Server Directory" still maintained?

Mathias Ertl mati at fsinf.at
Tue Jan 13 17:30:54 UTC 2015


On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 10:03:46AM -0700, Peter Saint-Andre - &yet wrote:
V> On 1/13/15 9:55 AM, John Spanos wrote:
> >Is the directory still maintained or it just takes time to process the
> >requests?
> I've been thinking we need a better process than just me handling
> these requests in my spare time, because I don't have any of that.
> What about pull requests to the github repo?
> https://github.com/stpeter/xmppdotnet

I offered help on that several times before. In the last discussion (in
November or so?) I also offered handling the pending request and do merge
requests. No repsonse :-(

So I will do merge requests for my servers this evening. I hope this works
better. If this is fine with you, I have no problem handling the other
requests as well?

greetings, Mati

I only read plain text mail! I prefer pgp|gpg signed & encrypted mails!
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