[Operators] xmpp.net is back and some logjam stats

Thijs Alkemade thijs at xnyhps.nl
Sat Oct 24 13:02:41 UTC 2015

> On 22 okt. 2015, at 11:36, Guus der Kinderen <guus.der.kinderen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Thijs,
> Excellent work! Many kudos for all the effort that you're (et al) putting in! Two suggestions:
> 	• I like the way how tool-tips are used to explain why a particular item is good/bad, but those hints are not available everywhere. Could you add more of them please?
> 	• There is no visual hint that offering a PLAIN authentication mechanism is a bad thing, pre-TLS (other than that it's stated in the tooltip of the word PLAIN). Perhaps some kind of color or badge or grade-cap could be applied.
> Regards,
>   Guus

Hi Guus,

Good suggestion! I’ll add some more for the other warning labels.

I think capping the grade to B is a bit hash for offering PLAIN pre-TLS. A
warning is a good idea, though.

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