[Operators] Obtaining XMPP-enabled certificate for server

Daniel Fischaleck daniel at fischaleck.net
Sun Jul 10 20:07:21 UTC 2016

Hey there,
I am using https://cheapsslsecurity.com in particular the Comodo one. Good deal, runs at orcalab.net if you want to validate my information. Cheapest SSL certificate I have found so far.

Von meinem Samsung Gerät gesendet.

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Which certificate provider giving free or reasonably priced
certificates that work with XMPP would you recommend?

I was using StartSSL certificates, but they just refused to renew my
certs and want me to "upgrade" for US$ 119.80 first.
I don't find this _reasonably_ priced cert for a free to use open
server. So I am forced to find new cert provider...

Which do you use and could recommend?


smoku @ http://abadcafe.pl/ @ http://xiaoka.com/
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