[PubSub] Publish to Collection-Nodes in XMPP4R

Nathan Fritz nathanfritz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 23:24:43 CST 2008

You can notify users when you add and remove nodes to a collection with
pubsub#notify_config, but that doesn't sound like it's what you want.  The
*new* and *experimental* spec for collections that will likely replace the
old one (as collections aren't very powerful in the base pubsub spec) is
http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0248.html but I don't know of a server that
implements it yet.  Likely http://idavoll.ik.nu/ and http://tigase.org will
implement them soon.  But seeing as the spec is experimental, who knows.

A workaround in the short term would be to use pubsub#notify_sub and a bot
that is associated as the collection owner.  When someone subscribes to the
collection, the bot is informed, and can automatically subscribe them to the
sub-nodes as well.

The short answer is, "sorry, not yet."  Let me know if I can help more.

-Nathan Fritz
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