[PubSub] [Standards] Requesting specific published items

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Apr 16 16:41:14 CDT 2009

On 12/30/08 8:41 PM, Brett Zamir wrote:
> Pubsub XEP-0060 states:
>     "6.4.6 Returning Notifications Only
>     "A service MAY return event notifications without payloads (e.g., to
> conserve bandwidth). If so, the client MAY request a specific item
> (using the ItemID) in order to retrieve the payload. When an entity
> requests items by ItemID, implementations MUST allow multiple items to
> be specified in the request."
> Is it possible to change this so as to specifically allow for the
> requesting of specific items even where the service does support payloads?

That's already supported in the spec (retrieve-items).


Peter Saint-Andre

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