[PubSub] Pubsub errata and Multi-User Chat

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Apr 16 17:59:50 CDT 2009

On 1/3/09 4:34 AM, Brett Zamir wrote:
> I'm not clear whether the following in Pubsub XEP-0060 is a circular
> reference which states in section 12.14, "The user may make a list of
> pubsub nodes publicly available for querying even when the user is
> offline by using the Service Discovery mechanism for "publishing" items
> (see Section 4 of XEP-0030)." This looks instead like a reference in
> Service Discovery to its section 5, "Publishing Available Items" which
> refers back to Pubsub, saying the feature had been removed in favor of
> Pubsub. Section 4 looks like it might apply, but the section is not
> explicitly about "publishing" items, so I think that should be made
> clear if that's what it's trying to say...  Also, need this be limited
> "publiclly available", or could it also list nodes to which the user has
> access through other means (e.g., subscribed potentially or already via
> presence/roster/etc.)

I think this section of the spec is incoherent. My sense is that it's a
relic from the days of XEP-0119 for rich presence. I suggest that we
remove this section (especially because it references disco publish,
which we removed from XEP-0030).

> Also, in example 8 of Multi-User Chat, XEP-0045, an option
> muc#roominfo_pubsub is given, but there is only a definition of a
> Pubsub-related option under "muc#roomconfig_pubsub". Also, am I correct
> in understanding that this would mean that the nature of association
> would be automatically (periodically) publishing the room's chat
> contents to the Pubsub node, or simply that the room is related to the
> node (e.g., similar topic or group)?

This functionality is essentially undefined. I suggest that we remove it
from XEP-0045 until we can define the use case more clearly.

> Also 9.1.3 in Pubsub XEP-0060, grammar: "When the service receives
> unavailable presence from the full JID, it MUST consider cancel the
> temporary subscription.". I believe "cancel" should be canceling



Peter Saint-Andre

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