[PubSub] node auto deletion

Christophe Romain christophe.romain at process-one.net
Fri Apr 17 02:46:22 CDT 2009

-- Peter Saint-Andre [2009-04-16 13:36:27 -0600]:

>> wouldn't it be nice to add possibility to configure inactive node
>> expiration ?
>> example:   inactive_timeout=infinity ; node never autodeleted (default)
>>   inactive_timeout=40 ; node removed after 40 days without publish
>I don't know if this kind of garbage collection needs to be configurable
>at the node level -- can't this just be a system setting? (We do a
>similar thing for MUC rooms...)

This has been discussed in Brussel and is more more likely an
implementation issue, no need to specify that in XEP.

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