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On 2/11/09 12:05 PM, Ralph Meijer wrote:
> On 2009-02-11 18:00, Brian Cully wrote:
>> On 11-Feb-2009, at 10:41, Ralph Meijer wrote:
>>> [..]
>> I really don't want there to be "special" NodeIDs; IOW, semantics
>> being mappable from NodeID directly. Down this path lay madness. 
> I agree to some extend that making up well-known values, for node
> identifiers that should really be opaque, borders on being evil.
> However, bootstrapping subscriptions for the simple use cases PEP was
> designed for, becomes really painful if you must use Service Discovery
> to get to the node you want to subscribe to. Ideas welcome of course.

As I said, client developers need to explicitly add support for any
given payload type, else how are they going show what tune your buddy is
listening to (or whatever)? In this world, well-known NodeIDs are fine.

>> What happens when you need to internationalize, for instance?
> I'm not sure what problems i18n would cause here.

Me, neither.

>> Who maintains the registrar?
> The XSF has a Registrar (http://xmpp.org/registrar/) as established by
> XEP-0053.

C'est moi!

>> How do I use my own names w/o registering?
> The pattern to use namespace URIs for these well-known identifiers means
> that you can use URIs in your own domain.

You go right ahead and do whatever you want in your application. If it's
some custom feature, the NodeID is well-known within your app, which is
all that you care about.


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