[Security] About the Firefox 3 Security Dialog & others

Jonathan Schleifer js-xmpp-security at webkeks.org
Fri Aug 22 10:22:54 CDT 2008

As many of you might already know:


I will take this as an opportunity to state my opinion on our problems  
with certs :)

If we have a CA, we need to warn for self-signed certs. But if we do  
it like Firefox 3 - which some here considered the right way - it will  
scare users away - they can't talk or won't use crypto at all.

Another problem is that a CA means a single point of failure. If that  
CA is broken, someone can forge everyone. Plus I don't trust CAs  

So what's left?

* Self-signed keys

The problem with self-signed keys is that the fingerprint you need to  
verify is very long and most users just won't verify it.

The problem with GPG is that this is geeks-only.

The problem with SRP is bots.

So, I think we shouldn't concentrate on one of these. We should have  
more than 1 way. For example, if we have SRP and self-signed certs,  
we'd be fine. For bots, we could also add a CA so bots of the same  
owner trust each other by just having the root cert.

Any thoughts on this?


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