[Security] About the Firefox 3 Security Dialog & others

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Fri Aug 22 12:15:25 CDT 2008

Jonathan Schleifer wrote:
> See above ;). That's why I think a client shouldn't trust ANY CA by
> default, but let the user allow to manually add a CA. This would be
> interesting in corporations etc., you could just add the corporates' CA
> then instead of verifying all fingerprints.

Agreed. Why should I trust some CA I do not know?

>> FWIW, I suspect some geeky users will want to reuse their existing  
>> PGP keys, but they'll be in a small minority.
> Exactly. We can bother with the minorities once we have something that
> works. First, we need something that works, then we can extend it.

Yes. Only geeks sign keys and are part of the web-of-trust. If we have
something that auto-signs keys it could be helpfull up to _one_ level:
if we open a private channel and my XMPP client says that Peter (a
person I talked to before) has verified your key, it may be ok. But if
the app says: you know Peter and Peter knows Dave and he trust Eric
which I trust .... hell no. Too many people in that list.

>> Well, what makes sense to me is to have X.509 and GPG/PGP. I'd lean  
>> toward X.509 as MTI, and GPGPGP as a strongly-worded-MAY. Both these  
>> are supported within TLS, as I udnerstand things (which is, of
>> course waaaay less than some here).
> But then we won't have something like SAS, which is absolutely
> mandatory if we want it to be Average Joe compatible ;).

Is it? You know, Average Joe is very stupid and does not understand
the concept. Average Joe opens a secure connection using SAS. The
connection is not secure unless they compared the SAS. My guess is
that Average Joe will use THAT SAME channel: 

Joe: "Do you also see hfy7?" 
Aunt Lili: "Yes"
Joe: "Great, secure channel!"
Joe and Aunt Lili click 'secure'

You know that this is wrong, I know it. But I'm very sure Joe and Aunt
Lili do not.

And I have a problem with such a string: how to verify it? It is
easier to talk about a secure password before opening the connection.


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