[Security] client-to-client security :: Summary and todo's

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Sun Aug 24 03:28:20 CDT 2008

David Banes wrote:
> 1) A solution needs to assume users are hopeless, that is they can't
> setup home routers, crypto etc.


> 2) Most companies will want a c2s solution as they will need to scan,
> archive and audit content in the same way they for email now

They do? It could be a nice optional feature but if they force me
using c2s I go to a different provider.

> 3) If this is to be added to 'core' XMPP it needs to be REALLY simple
> otherwise it won't get implemented.

If you mean the rfc by core, than it should not be added. But yes, it
should be simple for users and developers.


Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've
forgotten this before.

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