[Security] client-to-client security :: Summary and todo's

Jonathan Schleifer js-xmpp-security at webkeks.org
Mon Aug 25 04:24:00 CDT 2008

Am 24.08.2008 um 10:28 schrieb Dirk Meyer:

>> 2) Most companies will want a c2s solution as they will need to scan,
>> archive and audit content in the same way they for email now
> They do? It could be a nice optional feature but if they force me
> using c2s I go to a different provider.

There are still Jabber servers that allow unencrypted c2s besides  
jabber.org (which will change soon, when I understood that right)? oO
I don't see ANYTHING bad about using c2s. And they don't need c2s  
encryption to log your messages, they can also do that if you connect  


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