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David Banes david at banes.org
Tue Mar 25 21:42:46 CDT 2008


I've just signed up to the following lists at jabber.org, first and  
last cross post!

social at xmpp.org,
jadmin at jabber.org,
security at xmpp.org,
news at jabber.org

Been working in and around messaging technologies with a focus on  
security since the late 90's. Anyone remember CipherIM? This was a  
proprietary IM platform that was eventually moved over to XMPP in 2001.

Our company currently runs an open OpenFire server (clearim.net) and  
represent Jive Software and Jabber Inc in Australia.

Good to meet you all,

David Banes
web: http://davidbanes.com/
rss: fhttp://www.davidbanes.com/feed/
email:  david at banes.org
xmpp: dbanes at clearim.net
skype: dmbanes
iChat: dbanes at mac.com
Director & Secretary, Internet Industry Association

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