[Security] Why Choose Qoodaa to Transfer Files

adsxy adsxy.3fm6wt at no-mx.jabberforum.org
Fri Sep 12 02:52:08 CDT 2008

Qoodaa is one of the fatest software to transfer large files across the
world. It could send your files to all over the world, such as
Europe、America、Japanese,etc.And it's a good choice to
choose Qoodaa to transfer large files.
1、Its speed is faster than any other software to transfer large
2、The uploaded files can be downloaded by multi-users for many
times. You only need to upload it for one time, and all the users from
all over the world can download it.
3、Resume broken/disconnected upload &download: If the network
interrupts in the process of files uploading or downloading, it can
automatically upload or download afer the network connected.
4、Flexible function. The uploaded files are stored by default
for 30 days, as long as you are a premium user, you can store your files
as long as you want. 
5 、It can download files quickly through downloading links.
You can send the file link by email,MSN,or even by telephone which is
quite convinient. in a word, it is time-saver and with high efficiency.

6、Competitive Price: You only need pay 3$ to send your files as
large as 1G to every corner of the world, but it costs $30 by mail.
What are you waiting for? Please go to http://www.qoodaa.com to
experience the surprise it brings to you.

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