[Security] updated Jingle-XTLS proposal

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Sat Feb 21 16:08:28 CST 2009

Florian Zeitz wrote:

> Criticism and nitpicks:
> * Example 3 should probably have action='session-accept'
> * After "The following rules apply to the initiator's handling of the
> session-accept message:" only the 2. case where the certificate could
> not be verified is said to require user interaction. I'd personally also
> want to be asked what to do if encryption wasn't possible (1. case).
> * As Non-Human Parties may also be (web-)services. Maybe add encrypted
> E-mail to section 5.1. E.g. Launchpad knows your GPG-key, so they could
> in theory send you encrypted mail with a PIN.
> Or/and possibly something more general along the lines of: "If possible
> any out-of-band method a human could use to convey the PIN is
> practicable too" E.g. a Asterisk PBX may call you and 'read' a PIN to
> you (whether sth. like this would be secure depends on the type of
> telephony and suspected MITM attack of course, but that's a different topic)
> * Example 10 might need some ellipsis. XTLS being the only feature seems
> unlikely.
> * Possibly add some notes about bot2bot verification of certificates
> (using a CA I'd suspect)

Dirk has addressed most of these suggestions in version 0.0.4:



Peter Saint-Andre

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