[Security] GSoC proposal: Identity-based end-to-end encryption for XMPP

David Núñez dnunez at lcc.uma.es
Fri Mar 11 07:10:51 CST 2011

Hello all,

My name is David Núñez and I am a PhD student on Computer Science. Since the XSF is applying to this year's edition of Google Summer of Code, I would like to know if someone in the XSF would be interested in contributing to my proposal as a mentor. 

The purpose of my project is twofold:
1) Implement an Identity-based encryption library based in [RFC5091]. This goal is not directly related to XMPP, but to security in general. As far as I know, there is no open source implementation of this RFC, and I think it is interesting. It is a requirement for the second phase.
2) Implement an XMPP library for an authenticated key agreement based on clients identities (JIDs). This library could lead to establish end-to-end encryption, using the clients identities for agreeing a session key and then using symmetric-key encryption during the current session. This key agreement scheme would be based in [IBAKE], that assures that the server is unable to find out the session key.  XMPP already provides mechanisms for client-server authentication, which is an important requirement for the distribution of the private-keys to clients. This library would imply to define components both in server and client.

First of all, I would like you to comment if my proposal has sense in the XMPP landscape. And second, I would like to know if someone is particularly interested in participating as a mentor. I'm looking forward to your comments :)


[RFC5091] X. Boyen and L. Martin. Identity-Based Cryptography Standard (IBCS) #1: Supersingular Curve Implementations of the BF and BB1 Cryptosystems. 
[IBAKE] V. Cakulev and G. Sundaram. IBAKE: Identity-Based Authenticated Key Agreement. IETF draft. http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-cakulev-ibake-03

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