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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Apr 10 21:11:07 CDT 2008

Last week after the groupchat I chatted a bit with Ralph Meijer about
blog integration. Assuming that folks publish to PEP nodes hosted at
their bare JIDs (see XEP-0163), we discussed a few possibilities (Ralph,
correct me if I'm missing anything):

1. I host one node for my entries (each item is an entry) and one node
for comments (each item is a comment). This requires a way for the
comment items to reference the entry items.

2. I host a single node for my blog. Both entries and comments get
published to the node, and an item can be an entry or a comment. This
requires some syntax in the payload format to differentiate entries from
comments (e.g., it can't be plain Atom).

3. I host a node only for my entries. If you want to comment, you
publish it at your own comments node. This requires cross-referencing
between my entries and your posts.

4. I host one node for each post; the first item published to the node
is the entry and subsequent items are comments.

None of these approaches will work well if I have multiple blogs. To
solve that problem I'd need to have multiple nodes, one (or two) for
each blog.

Thoughts? Preferences?


Peter Saint-Andre

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