[Social] real-world non-chat XMPP?

Steven Livingstone-Perez weblivz at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 25 11:08:27 CDT 2008

Finding stuff that has fully adopted PubSub or PEP is harder but ...

The BBC publish their current music tracks:

An example implementation:

Tivo uses XMPP:

In a slightly different direction ... 

Android uses it too for p2p messages.

Low Cost calls over XMPP with Flex

Also the Vertebra ruby slides mentioned by Anders are here:


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There's been a long discussion recently (some of which happened on
this list) about open messaging between websites and between users on
those websites, based somewhat on the current social network friends
messaging model. I think there's a general consensus that XMPP can and
should play an important role in this idea of an open, distributed,
near-real-time network of websites, but I also think that there is
disagreement on what the transition from xmpp's real-time network to
the web's non-real-time, non-persistent network looks like.

In the interest in understanding different ways that XMPP can be
used/built on, I'm wondering if anyone has some examples of a
real-world XMPP deployment for non-IM purposes? Perhaps something
based on PubSub?



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