[Social] using xmpp's tools on the web

anders conbere aconbere at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 20:05:47 CDT 2008

One of the things I've talked a bit about is how useful some of the
core xmpp tools would be to developers of social networks (say using
the roster tools, which would automatically handle registration,
friending, defriending etc. but do it on a giant scale and
distributedly). Getting this data out of xmpp right now though, is by
and large limited to people with access to xmpp clients. This wouldn't
be so bad but it's a pain in the butt to spin up thousands and
thousands of xmpp clients to access people friendship data.

So one things that Harper and I were talking about is making an
ejabberd module that expose and http endpoint for making some of these
requests. (probably starting with an endpoint for authorization, and
then progressively getting more complex). I'm wondering if there's
anyone on this list who has already put some work into this area, or
if this is something that anyone else has struggled with.

It's true that pubsub and just messaging are great tools for
distributing information, but there are other powerful tools that xmpp
brings to the table, that really bring some interesting abilities to
the table that are difficult to use on the web right now. I'd like to
see those difficulties mitigated.

~ Anders

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