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Evan 'Rabble' Henshaw-Plath rabble at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Mar 25 20:08:35 CDT 2008

I'm rabble, i was in said aforementioned conversation at sgfoo, and i 
also dragged peter aside at ecomm a couple of weeks ago and pestered him 
with questions.

I work on Fire Eagle.

I'm really excited about the idea of web^H^H^Hdata services over xmpp 
pubsub for update and ping stream type services.


Seth Fitzsimmons wrote:
>     I'd *heart* some Fire Eagle / Dopplr integration powered by XMPP!
> And an opportunity for me to introduce myself.  I'm the engineering lead 
> for Fire Eagle.  Since SG Foo, I've spent some time talking to Rabble, 
> Blaine, and Matt about how we can use XMPP to avoid synchronous HTTP 
> polling (initially for high-traffic consumers, but the more I think 
> about it, the more it almost makes more sense for smaller players).  In 
> addition to the "traditional" pub-sub mechanism that's been tossed 
> around, I think building asynchronous APIs using XMPP as a transport has 
> a tremendous amount of potential (as Charles from iminlikewithyou suggests).
> seth

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