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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Mar 26 13:40:54 CDT 2008

Jack Moffitt wrote:
>>  I would be really interested in hearing thoughts on this. The limit on
>> concurrent connections is a problem, especially given that XMPP connections
>> are not the only ones needed in a browser. I've run into enough trouble with
>> this and with authentication issues (a separate issue, I know) to wonder
>> about pushing XMPP down into a middleware layer, basically a server-side
>> proxy, and using a JSON queue for the interface reqs/responses. I don't know
>> of a good way to do this, but I've looked at some things such as Twisted,
>> apache pub_sub, and cometd, out of initial curiosity.
> This is exactly what punjab is for.  Although to get rid of polling
> and for maximum responsiveness you need 2 connections to the punjab
> server (only one at a time most of the time though).  But if you are
> making lots of other connections it probably is a better idea to just
> do these through jabber to a custom component/bot.

If I understand the problem, more generally this is what BOSH is for:


There are several implementations, including punjab.


Peter Saint-Andre

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