[Social] <iq/> or <message/> on api-like functionality over XMPP

Roberto Ostinelli roberto at ostinelli.net
Fri Mar 28 12:08:42 CDT 2008

hi all,

just curious about a 'best practice' on using xmpp as transport for data.
not sure if this is the kind of discussions we can have here, if not, please
do ignore this post which will not be followed on.

we are using an xmpp server S1 to handle all a-sync an sync communication
between two XMPP clients, C1 and C2.

the flow is as follows: C1 sends data to C2 through S1, and C2 has to reply
to C1 wether the transmitted data is coherent with a series of computation
that can only be handled by C2.

were this to be a client-server case, i would use a custom namespace on a
<iq/> stanza [for request-response functionality]. however, since the flow
of this communication is C1-S1-C2-S1-C1, would you recommend still using
<iq/> or a <message/> stanza instead?

thank you.


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