[Social] Facebook and XMPP?

Steffen Larsen zool at zool.dk
Tue Feb 24 02:09:35 CST 2009

Hey All,

I was just discussing with st. Peter yesterday about this subject and  
wanted to bring it up in a wider forum.
Although I am not the biggest fan of the Facebook community, many door  
will be open for connections and presence for buddies if Facebook  
supports XMPP as they claim.  Especially support for XMPP BOSH With  
JSON objects could be suitable for them.

Facebook has for a long time now proclaimed that they are using XMPP  
(see http://developers.facebook.com/news.php?blog=1&story=110), but I  
have still not seen any evidence that I am able to connect to any of  
their XMPP servers. Does any of you on the social list have any  
experience with that?.. If so, what is the servername and port?

I know that libpurple (library for the pidgin/adium client) has  
connectivity for facebook, but they are probably using the facebook  
REST api or likewise. Right now, with the facebook API you have to  
make a silly facebook application on facebook that the user shall  
accept and then you can use the DWR/Ajax scripts for API...

Instead of using the Ajax request, XMPP would enable the Internet  
through BOSH, and hence giving the possibility to interoperate with  
MSN, Jabber and SIP through gateways etc. Also exiting projects like  
Jingle (XEP-166, 167, 176 etc) would be possible.


Jabber/XMPP fan since 2002.

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