[standards-jig] Pub/Sub Explanation

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Wed Apr 17 04:00:32 UTC 2002

Adam Theo wrote:

> First: a namespace can't be *anything*, can it? no spaces, etc.. it's 
> restricted to the URN rules. Second: I am not understanding the 
> distinction between a topic and a category. I assume topic is the 
> subject of the published material, but what good would a category be for?

Actually, its limited by URI rules (just being pedantic). A topic is a 
pub/sub term; it is the thing you are actually publishing on/subscribing 
to. AFAIK, it doesn't have any meaning beyond that associated with it.

I think a category was the information defining what a topic 'means' - 
whether it is persistant, or destroyed when the publisher becomes 
unavailable, whether subscriptions to it are durable, and also things 
such as the format of the messages being published.

-David Waite

-David Waite

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