[standards-jig] JNG Ramblings.

Marshall Rose mrose at dbc.mtview.ca.us
Mon Aug 12 23:20:15 UTC 2002

> > actually, i was planning on sending a note to the jabber gurus asking
how to
> > replicate one key feature of apex by using jabber. i still need to
> > the question though. i was planning on send the message in a couple of
days to
> > the jabber-ietf at jabber.org mailing list.
> Could you Cc: standards-jig as well.  The jabber-ietf list is pretty dead
> you'll probably get livelier discussions here.

unfortunately, i can't... the reason: i use different mailboxes for the two
lists and the lists are configured so that only subscribers can post and the
administrator is away for a while...

besides, the jabber-ietf list is starting to warm up.


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