[standards-jig] look for help about unicode in jabber system

ÕÅ Æé jabberjaist at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 17 11:42:42 UTC 2002

 do the jabber system support to east aisa GLYPH images,chinese ,japanese
and korea.I want
my jabber server support to unicode of east aisa.but I get a trouble. my
friend tell me.
just below ,is it right ,or have a better way to resolve the problem.

•Jabber uses UTF-8 encoding
•We have not been facing any problems because we have been operating in the
ASCII domain which is a subset of UTF-8.
•We need to find some kind of encoding algorithm/API which converts Unicode
to UTF-8 before we send out strings to the server and some kind of decoding
Algorithm/API which does the opposite when we receive strings.
•We need some kind of rendering mechanism has to make the mapping from
unicode to the actual character.

•There are a couple of Microsoft APIs called MultiByteToWideChar and
•There is an Mlang API of Microsoft which has functions like
ConvertStringToUnicode and ConvertUnicodeToString (I think this is our best
bet. If we read this thoroughly we might be able to solve the problem)

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