[standards-jig] Genicons/Emoticons

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Thu Jul 18 09:31:53 UTC 2002

> Unless I mis-read the jep, what you are saying is there are only a
> Maximum of 2 Icon text's ? One is text the other is alt? In the next rev
> of myJabber due out early next week we use one comma separated tag ,
> then any number can be added. We also have things that effect the way
> they are used in the client. So I'm not sure this could be used by us
> without losing some functionality.

Just to clarify - the reason for this is that there needs to be a way to
specify a "default" string for each graphic.  This is needed for example, so
that the client developers can offer a picklist of icons, and there must be
a way to determine what string gets sent for a particular icon that the user

> I guess my question is , is this really a standards issue or a help doc
> on how to write a client?
> I followed this thread earlier on before you started making sense of it
> Adam :-) and I'm not sure if you will get all client developers to agree
> on this. What do some of the other client developers think??

Well I'm all for it.  We were about to do something similar for Yabber
anyway, and if people can trade iconsets between different clients that has
to be a good thing...although I don't expect every client to support this as
a standard (or emoticons for that matter).


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